Climate Controlled Storage

Why You Need Climate Controlled Space-Saving Storage Units

Once our homes are cluttered with too much stuff, we often find there isn’t enough storage space. Whether moving to a new home or creating more room to fit a new baby, finding a better way to store items makes sense. The most logical choice is to rent a storage unit, but is a climate-controlled storage unit worth the extra cost?

A What?

Climate-controlled space-saving storage units are devices located in the interior of any building that regulates temperatures between the chilly mid-70s and the pleasant mid-80s to prevent damage from things like melted plastic or ice crystals. The latter is especially important in chilly areas such as Chicago and Maryland, where temperatures can plummet far below freezing in the cold half of the year.

The Benefits

When items are stored or kept anywhere for extended periods, temperature and humidity levels may change drastically. This affects the things and their ability to survive into the distant future. Climate-controlled storage can protect these items because they remain at their ideal temperature and humidity level. 

Imagine that you owned a basketball signed by Michael Jordan, storing it in a unit that did not have proper humidity control, and—as a result—the signature faded. No need to worry about those concerns with these units; they use sophisticated weather control to maintain optimal conditions.

Knowing When You Need One

Ask yourself these questions before getting climate-controlled space-saving storage units:

  • In what part of the country is your stuff stored?
  • What items do you keep?
  • How long will your items be in storage?

Most of the country experiences drastic temperature swings that can put your personal belongings at risk. A good rule of thumb is that owning a climate-controlled storage unit is wise if the outdoor climate gets above 90° or less than 32°. You also have to think about what these belongings are: wood, electronics, certain fabrics, metal, old photographs, or wine are all extremely sensitive to heat or cold. 

For the most part, most items can handle a few weeks or a month in a non-climate-controlled storage unit. If you do not know when to access your stuff, have items stored year-round, or have a high sentimental value, an interior unit might be more suitable. 

Ultimately, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit depends on how much money you want to spend and how valuable your stuff is.

FAQs on Climate-Controlled Space-Saving Storage Units 

Do all buildings need this device?

Most storage units are kept indoors, but some companies only have outdoor storage units. Storage companies that offer climate control are most likely to keep items indoors.

Should I rent or buy?

It is better to own climate-controlled space-saving storage units because you’ll pay anywhere from 20% to 75% more to rent an apartment with access to an HVAC unit. This is because of the high demand and the cost of heating and cooling the unit.

Are the units’ temperature controls customizable?

Unfortunately, they are not. They only come in pre-set configurations to ensure your items are stored in the proper climates and protected from wear and tear.

What sizes are available?

Some facilities have units of varying dimensions, but the smallest is 4 ft. x 4 ft. and even reaches up to 10 ft. x 20 ft. Many climate-controlled units are located on the first floor, making them easy to access. 


If you need to protect precious items and tokens from damage, start owning or renting climate-controlled space-saving storage units. They preserve your assets while giving you peace of mind that they’ll still be around to share with loved ones or store new memories made in the years to come.

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