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Which of Your Stuff Can You Place on a Storage Unit’s Floor?

Storage units have become extremely popular over the years. People use them to store their stuff when they move or need a place to keep their belongings after a natural disaster. If you’re looking for a storage unit, you’re probably wondering, “What can I place on the storage unit’s floor?” Here’s what you need to know about using a storage unit.

What Are Storage Unit Floors?

Storage unit floors are made from concrete. This is a difficult flooring material to work with because it is hard to clean. You can’t just sweep it or mop it. You’ll need to get a good vacuum to suck up dust and dirt.

You can only place things on concrete storage unit floors that are made specifically to be placed on concrete floors. The main reason for this is that you want to avoid placing anything that has water absorption on the floor. If water gets in between the concrete floor and the object you put on it, you risk creating cracks in the concrete.

So, what can you place on the storage unit’s floor? Here are a few suggestions:

Metal storage cabinets
Crates and boxes
Plastic storage boxes
Light cabinets
Plastic bins
Plastic stacking containers
Plastic containers

What Should You Avoid Placing on the Storage Unit’s Floor?

First, avoid placing any object with water absorption on the floor. For example, you shouldn’t put a rug on the floor. Rugs or carpets are made from fibers that absorb water. If water gets trapped between the carpet and the concrete, it can create cracks in the floor.

Take note of the following items as well:

Wooden Objects

Wooden objects can swell or expand when exposed to a wet environment. If you place something made of wood on the floor, the wood may swell up and crack the floor.

Dirty or Dusty Objects

If you put something on the floor that has dirt or dust on it, the dust and dirt may get trapped in the cracks between the floor and the object.

Large Objects

If you place large items on the floor, they may come into contact with moisture. A large object contacting water can create large cracks in the storage unit’s base.

Hard to Clean Objects

Avoid placing anything on the storage unit’s floor made of materials that are very difficult to clean. This includes anything with fabric. Fabrics are challenging to clean and can trap dirt and water.

Heavy Objects

Storage unit floors aren’t designed to hold a tremendous amount of weight. So, if you put a weighty object in the storage unit, you risk cracking the floor.

Retrofitted Objects

Retrofitted means that the object has been modified. If you place something on the floor that has been modified, you also risk the floor cracking.


Furniture pieces can be bulky. If you place a bulky piece on the floor, you may damage the floor.

Non Free-Standing Objects

Avoid placing anything that is not free-standing on the floor. If you put something that is not free-standing on the floor, it may not be stable enough to remain in one place. For example, you shouldn’t place a television or a computer monitor on the floor.


You can place some items on the storage unit’s floor, but you can’t place everything on the floor. You’ll need to avoid placing things that have water absorption on the floor. You should also avoid putting anything on the floor that is too bulky.

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