Frequently Asked Questions

A climate controlled self-storage facility works by keeping both the temperature and humidity of the storage space within a certain range. These parameters are constantly monitored to ensure complete protection of your goods. The storage facility is fitted with a fully functional HVAC system that provides heating, venting and insulation from the elements.
If you are looking for a complete solution for climate controlled self-storage in Alabama, then you will be delighted to know that Space Savers Climate Storage offers a number of locations in Tuscaloosa, Birmingham, Irondale, Madison and Prattville. Our convenient options provide superior control and protection of your stored items at the most affordable rates.
Not every self-storage facility offers complete protection of your items. When the temperatures drop or get too hot, and humid conditions are produced, the properties of paper, cardboard and wood begin to change. Climate controlled self-storage refers to a self-storage facility that offers the ability to keep temperature and humidity perfectly controlled within the storage unit in order to protect your items from damage and wear.
The major benefit of self-storage is that it offers you a space to store the items that you cannot fit into your house. If you are downsizing your home but do not want to sell or give away your prized furniture, memories and keepsakes, then a self-storage facility offers you a cost effective way to protect your items.