Why Climate Storage?

Climate Storage

Space Savers Climate Storage Units

The sun does its part to make people uncomfortable in Alabama, where temperatures reach high into the 90s from June until August with 100% humidity almost everyday. The winter also creates uncomfortable conditions for residents here as temperatures can often dip into the teens. With such extreme weather, it’s nice to have Space Savers Self Storage’s climate-controlled storage available to prevent your belongings from taking weather-related damage.

What sets Space Savers Climate Storage apart from the competition?

Space Savers climate-controlled units differ from traditional Alabama self-storage units in that they maintain a consistent temperature of 70-72 degrees and 50% humidity levels. They feature insulated walls, double doors, and programmable thermostats to keep the interior from fluctuating between hot and cold. Special placement of the ductwork ensures less dust in the storage units and rerouted plumbing prevents moisture leaks that could compromise clothing, furniture, and valuable heirlooms.

Competitors will claim their units are “climate controlled,” but they typically don’t control humidity levels or maintain strict temperature ranges with their units.  This could be detrimental to items that are sensitive temperature or humidity fluctuations. Space Savers maintains 70-72 degrees year round with a constant 50% humidity at all 4 locations.

What are the Benefits of Climate Control?

Space Savers climate-controlled units maintain a constant temperature, so you don’t have to worry about items that are prone to heat or cold damage. Freezing and thawing take its toll on wood, plastics, and sensitive materials, causing everything from cracking to warping. It costs less to store your valuable belongings in a climate-controlled unit than it does to replace them. Imagine that you have a football signed by Paul Bear Bryant, and you stored it in a unit that did not have proper humidity control, and the signature faded.  You would not have that worry with any of our units. In addition, you get more privacy and security as the unit is located indoors building. Climate control also provides other benefits such as:

  • Preventing pest infestations
  • Protecting cloth and paper from yellowing
  • Stopping rust from forming on metals
  • Keeping dirt and dust out of the unit and off your items

Why Climate Control Matters?

If you need to store sensitive items such as furniture, paper documents, and priceless heirlooms, you could benefit from Space Savers climate and humidity control units. Paper goods wrinkle and turn yellow when exposed to the sun and high temperatures, and mold can develop and overgrow on clothing and plastics when the humidity rises. Our climate-controlled storage units prevent unnecessary damage and keep your items safe and secure in a maintained and temperature-consistent space. Space Savers has 4 convenient locations across Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Prattville, AL  that gives you a place to store your belongings nearby and have them available whenever you need them.