Simplify Your Home Renovations with Space Savers’ Flexible Storage Solutions

home renovation

Every homeowner knows that renovations can be both exciting and challenging. One of the main concerns that arise during renovation projects is managing and protecting your belongings from the inevitable dust, debris, and potential damage. This is where flexible and secure storage solutions, like the ones offered by Space, come into play. By utilizing…

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Month-to-Month Leasing: The Flexible and Convenient Solution for Your Storage Needs

Storage Leasing, Month-to-Month Leasing

The need for storage solutions often arises amidst various life situations, including relocating, decluttering, or safeguarding priceless possessions. Regardless of your storage needs, it’s vital to have access to secure, reliable, and adaptable storage options that won’t burden you with long-term commitments. Fortunately, Space Savers’ month-to-month leasing options for temperature and humidity-controlled storage units offer…

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The Key to Securing Business Inventory: Space Savers’s Climate-Controlled Storage Solutions

Climate-Controlled Storage

For businesses, managing and protecting inventory is critical to ensuring success and profitability. Unfortunately, traditional storage options may not offer adequate protection against environmental factors like temperature fluctuations and humidity, which can pose a significant risk to the integrity and value of inventory items. As businesses rely on the quality and condition of their inventory,…

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Enjoy Flexible Storage Solutions with Month-to-Month Leasing

storage warehouse

Have you ever found yourself in need of storage, but hesitant to commit to a long-term lease? Situations such as home renovations, relocations, or seasonal storage requirements can necessitate short-term storage solutions, where traditional long-term leasing simply doesn’t fit the bill.  That’s where flexible month-to-month storage leasing comes in, offering an adaptable, affordable, and low-commitment…

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Preserve Your Valuables with Temperature & Humidity Controlled Storage Units

Storage units

When it comes to safeguarding your treasured possessions, such as artwork, antiques, electronics, and important documents, finding the right storage environment is crucial. Temperature extremes, humidity fluctuations, and exposure to the elements can cause irreparable damage to these valuable items.  That’s where temperature and humidity controlled storage units, like those offered by Space Savers, come…

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Questions to Ask a Storage Facility Before Renting

Storage Facility

Renting a storage facility is one of the best decisions when you need extra space to store your belongings. It could be because you are moving to a new home, downsizing, or you need a place to store seasonal items.  Whatever the reason, it is important to ask the right questions before renting a storage…

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5 Reasons Why Storage Facilities Are Ideal for Tiny Homes

storage units

The tiny home has been around since the Pioneer age. But the lifestyle has improved and become a popular way to live. Aside from cutting off a third of greenhouse gas emissions, living in a tiny eco-friendly home can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. However, if people living in standard-sized homes decide to change their…

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