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6 Things to Be Stored in a Climate Controlled Storage Unit

If you have important things that you want to keep safe and secured, you can use storage spaces to do so. However, there are certain things that need optimum temperature, humidity, and other elements that traditional storage spaces cannot provide.

Climate-controlled storage spaces can keep your valuable things safe and well-preserved. With this in mind, climate-controlled units can be the best option to secure certain types of possessions.

Here are 5 things that you should store within a climate-controlled storage space.


Clothing is one of the most ordinary things that people can store in a storage unit. However, clothes made of natural fibers, such as cotton and wool, require optimum humidity and temperature. Traditional storage spaces simply cannot provide the needed climate control.

Clothes that are exposed to moisture can become damaged. And clothes that are exposed to extreme heat can shrink.

You can find climate-controlled storage space in almost every storage facility. But, you need to find a storage facility that has the level of climate control that you need.

Important Paperwork

Important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and other legal documents do not need to be stored in extreme heat. These documents are more vital to you than your clothing.

So, you need to find a storage facility that will provide the needed climate control for these important documents.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments can be ruined by extreme heat. This is because hot weather can distort the shape of the instrument.

Traditional storage spaces are not the right place for guitars. But, you can find climate-controlled storage spaces in a lot of storage facilities.

Most of the existing storage facilities can provide a climate-controlled unit. So, you do not have to worry a lot to look for a storage facility that can provide optimum climate control.

Antique Wooden Furniture

Antiques, especially those made from wood, should be kept in a place where the temperature and humidity are well-regulated. 

If you have some antiques or expensive collectible items that are made of wood, you should store them in climate-controlled storage space. These items are usually very fragile and can crumble and break if exposed to moisture and extreme changes in temperature and humidity.

Traditional storage spaces also cannot ensure that these antiques and wooden objects are free from pests.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Supplies

The storage of pharmaceutical supplies is already challenging. These are products that have to be stored at a specific temperature, requiring a specific level of humidity, and free from pests and molds. This is why climate-controlled storage spaces are needed to store these products.

Traditional storage spaces are not the best option to store pharmaceutical products. These products can easily expire. If your pharmaceutical supplies expire, you could be held liable for the same.

Collectible Items

If you have some rare collectible items that you want to keep safe and well-preserved, you must store them in climate-controlled storage space.

These collectibles can be exposed to dust, humidity, and other elements that can affect their original shape and structure.

Traditional storage spaces cannot provide moisture-free and dust-free environments for these collectibles.

So, you need to look for a storage facility that can provide the needed climate control for your collectibles.


With climate-controlled storage spaces, you can be sure that your possessions are safe and secured. When choosing a storage facility, you have to take into account the humidity, temperature, and air quality of the storage unit. The unit must also be pest-free and mold-free.

You can find climate-controlled units in a lot of storage facilities. But, Space Savers can provide climate-controlled storage in Birmingham, AL for all your valuable possessions. Aside from climate control, it also provides security features for residents. Let us give you a hand in finding the right climate-controlled storage space. Contact us today to get started!