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Techniques to Maximize Your Self-Storage Unit – Our Guide

Make the most of your storage unit, as it is your solution for gaining additional space. The more items you can store in it, the more space you will have in your home or office. 

How, then, can you maximize storage unit space and organize your storage area? You cannot simply cram everything inside and close the door. Therefore, we have compiled techniques for you to maximize your self-storage unit.

1. Choose the Right Unit Size

The first step in thinking about self-storage and space optimization is to gather enough data to choose the right storage unit size. 

Going too small will leave you with extra possessions and the upcoming need to upgrade. On the other hand, going overboard will result in additional space in your unit and an unnecessarily high cost. 

Making a list of everything you want to store is the best way to do it right the first time.

2. Consider Vacuum Sealing

Anything that can be vacuum-sealed should be! Items made of fabric, such as comforters, sheets, towels, pillows, blankets, clothing, winter coats, and such, can be vacuum-sealed. You’ll be amazed at how much they shrink down! Then you can pack them away in boxes much more efficiently.

In addition, vacuum sealing will keep your belongings free of dust, moisture, and pests. It will also prevent them from shifting and being damaged in transit.

3. Utilize the Right Plastic Bins

The fact that most plastic containers have rounded edges that take up space is often disregarded. Plastic containers also have tapered edges in addition to straight, angled edges.

If you decide to use plastic bins, make sure they have straight edges and corners and can be stacked. Because there is no risk of weather damage, our storage units are perfect for people on a tight budget who prefer cardboard boxes (or belongings). Every item is completely shielded from the elements in our storage spaces.

4. Map Out Storage Space

You should assess your storage space and plan before packing or storing anything. Make a paper map showing the location of everything. When moving items into the unit makes it simpler to stack boxes.

Before bringing your belongings to the unit, scoping the space is a great way to ensure the storage unit size you’ve chosen will provide enough extra room for your needs and identify any potential problems.

5. Be Thoughtful in Arranging Items

Any piece of furniture that can be disassembled will free up much room. Remove furniture legs whenever you can, and keep all the details together. Make use of the extra room non-removable furniture created by adding more storage. Put boxes in open areas and odd-shaped objects on shelves and nooks (provided they are not too heavy).


Making the most of your storage space is simpler than you might imagine. You should be able to locate what you need quickly and efficiently as long as you follow a few basic rules, such as stacking against the wall, clearly labeling boxes, and keeping itemized lists. But if you still don’t have enough storage, it might be time to upgrade.

If you’d like to, check out our storage unit in Birmingham, Al. At Space Savers, our climate- and humidity-controlled storage facilities keep your valuables safe from the elements throughout the year. In addition, all leases are month-to-month, so no long-term commitment is necessary! Contact us now!