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Preservation 101: How to Properly Store Your Antiques

Antiques seem to be out of place in a world where tech giants compete on whose innovation is better. They are bulky and sometimes come from unethical sources. However, it does not mean that you should discard them. You will never know that you got a treasure there. 

Unfortunately, we often do not know what to do with them. Most of us live in houses with modern interior designs, making the antique out of place. Why not put it in a self-storage facility if that is the case? You do not need to find a second home for your treasures, and you can get some extra space for your storage.

Before you search for self-storage in Birmingham, AL, you should at least know how to ensure your antique is safe from molds and other microorganisms. You should take a piece of paper and note what you read in this blog.

Clean First

Even though the self-storage facility is equipped with professional tools and machinery, it cannot completely guarantee the safekeeping of your valuables. They can protect your antiques from theft, but they cannot stop microorganisms causing the item to rot from the inside. It would help if you did the job yourself.

Before taking your antique to the storage facility, you should clean the unit from top to bottom. You do not want to transfer microbes from the item to the storage. Mold-resistant products do not guarantee that your antiques will never fall victim to decay. However, you can help them by cleaning them regularly.

The best thing you can do is to air them out daily. The sun and wind will not just remove the dust. They will also kill the microorganisms living in the cracks and crevices. Best of all, it does not cost you a fortune.

Avoid Excessive Handling

From time to time, handling your antique will be inevitable. You cannot store it for too long without having to take it out for inspection. However, it would be best to do it as little as possible. You should not mind touching the item when you have to examine it, but you should have someone else do it.

The more you touch the item, the more you put it at risk. You should be concerned about grease from your hand and dirt from your clothes. They will not only damage the surface but will also attract microorganisms. If you have to inspect the item, you can use clean cloth and gloves to do it.

Avoid Stacking

When planning the storage unit, you should follow the standard rules. Stacking antiques on top of one another is not a good idea. It only increases the risk of damaging or destroying the object. 

You will also have difficulty going through the items when you have to get a particular item. You would have to take the rest of the things, which might put them at risk.


Kindly remember that the Self-storage facility will not do the job for you. As mentioned, they can protect your valuables from theft, but they cannot protect them from inside rot. It would help if you did it yourself so that your collectibles would last for generations. 

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