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Which of the 3 Types of Storage Units Is Perfect For You?

Storage containers are the ideal answer for extra storage during a move, a safe place to keep that lovely DeLorean while you repair it, or simply a safe space for your hobby—as long as you choose the right one.

The trouble is that they all seem the same while you’re driving down the freeway, staring at those perfectly matching rows of storage units from the fast lane.

Various storage units range from indoor and outdoor to climate-controlled regions and specialty storage types. It’s useful to know the elements to keep in mind during your search before picking up the phone or going on an all-out Googling frenzy.

Here are some of the most significant factors to consider while selecting space-saving storage units.

The Different Types of Storage Units

Indoor and outdoor storage units are two different types of storage units.

Many individuals are perplexed by the distinction between indoor and outdoor storage facilities, mistakenly believing that an outdoor storage container lacks a door. In reality, the fundamental distinction between indoor and outdoor is the location of the door.

You enter a facility and then walk down to your apartment with indoor storage units. The building still has numerous units in the outdoor form, but you may access yours from the outside.

The Advantages of Having an Outdoor Storage Unit

The ability to drive right up to the entrance of your storage unit is a key advantage of an outdoor unit. You won’t need to go on a second trip from your car to the building’s entrance to the unit itself, which is convenient and ergonomic. If your movers charge by the hour, which most do, this will undoubtedly save you money on moving day.

The Advantages of Using an Indoor Storage Unit

The biggest advantage of an indoor unit is that it is never affected by the weather. Do you need to reorganize your storage unit? You’ll always have a roof over your head. If you live in a parched environment or reside in Life Storage’s hometown of Buffalo, you’ll never have to worry about sand and dust.

Similarly, if you’re inside, your valuables are less vulnerable to the outdoors each time you open your self-storage in Birmingham, AL. You’ve got an extra layer of defense between your belongings and pests, water, and above.

Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Another storage type to consider is whether you need climate-controlled storage in Birmingham. 

When you hire an indoor storage facility, you are guaranteed a unit with better temperature control. Drive-up units may be vulnerable to the outdoors, but large buildings with individual storage rooms whose gates open into a room-temp hallway are not.

However, before you conclude that indoor units are temperature-controlled and outdoor units are not, keep in mind that this is only the first component to consider.

Not every interior unit has heat or air conditioning, so check before renting. Furthermore, outdoor units occasionally include climate control, though this is far less common than their inside counterparts.

The time you’ll need to store your products, and the constructed materials will determine whether you care. Temperature control shouldn’t be an issue if you’re using a unit as temporary warehousing for a month between houses. If you’re keeping wood furniture for an extended period, you’ll most likely need temperature and humidity control to prevent the wood from warping.


Do you require additional assistance in deciding between the several types of storage units? One last bit of advice: don’t be alarmed if this seems like a lot of information. Most good storage facilities have a variety of unit sizes and are accommodating if you need to upgrade to a larger one. Similarly, if you require a specialty unit or additional space, a professional storage company will be able to assist you right away. Make your best guess for the time being, or call us immediately.

If you’re looking for climate-controlled storage in Birmingham, go no further than Space Savers. Our storage solutions will last, with insulated walls and climate control to keep your valuables safe. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.