5 Reasons to Secure Your Property with Self-Storage Units

Is it safe to keep valuables in self-storage units? The answer given by a growing number of users is yes. Self-storage facilities are safe, secure, and accessible, whether you are using them temporarily or on a long-term basis. 

Storage containers are primarily designed to keep your valuables secure while being stored. A guarded entrance and security cameras guarantee round-the-clock security at storage facilities. 

Storage units also come in a wide variety of sizes and are available with climate-controlled options. Here are five reasons to secure your property with self-storage units:

1. Round the Clock Security

Security features of storage units include video surveillance, electronic gate access, and security alarms.

Storage facilities typically have in-house security staff and 24-hour video surveillance. These are handled by office management team members that monitor the footage around the clock. It will alert the police if any sign of a break-in or vandalism is observed.

2. Climate Control Features

Climate control is a valuable feature that allows you to store items that require a specific temperature, such as books, pictures, electronic equipment, and other valuables. 

The temperature, humidity, and ventilation levels are maintained within the storage locker at all times. Additionally, security cameras and alarms are standard in climate-controlled self-storage units. If you need this type of storage, make sure to do your research since not all self-storage or commercial storage facilities provide this feature.

3. Easy Access to Your Items When Needed

Some self-storage units come with round-the-clock access to your stored items. With an electronic keypad or code entry, the gate access enables you to make late-night and early morning visits to your stored items. 

Self-storage units can provide many security accessories such as magnetic locks, security gates, and security bars. These are used to secure the unit further and ensure only authorized personnel access your unit.

4. Unlimited Lifetime Storage

Storage units are ideal for short-term and long-term storage needs. Long-term storage units are available in climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled options.

Keep in mind that non-climate-controlled storage units require you to regulate the temperature and humidity of your unit. This will lower your utility bills, although you may need to monitor your assets daily.

Climate-controlled storage units use an internal computer system to monitor the environment’s conditions. By taking them into account, the computer regulates the conditions inside the unit to remain optimal for your stored items.

5. A Cost-Effective Alternative

If you are moving home or have to carry out an extensive home improvement project, self-storage units provide a cost-effective and efficient alternative to your own garage, basement, or attic.

They are available in different sizes, which means you can rent one that fits all your belongings. You also have a variety of storage options and room for stuff such as furniture, appliances, sports equipment, art supplies, and books.

Cut down on moving costs and last-minute purchases by storing your items in self-storage units.


Self-storage units are essential if you need to make room for a new addition to your family or if you find yourself with more possessions than space at home. Protection of your property is the top priority.

Self-storage units have become the preferred option for storing belongings, especially among the elderly and growing families.

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