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7 Reasons Your Retail Business Should Rent a Self-Storage

If you run a retail business, you may pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars in rent each month. This is why it’s vital to make the most of your premises and ensure that you’re optimizing your spaces. Why would you squander even a single square foot of your retail space by storing your inventory in the back room? 

Try renting self-storage. Storage units provide plenty of floor space for retail sales, and you might even make extra money on the agreement.

Here are seven reasons to rent a storage unit for your business:

1. Rent Self Storage to Save on Warehousing Space

Your storefront may need to be closed if you don’t have adequate storage space for your products. Visitors to your sales floor shouldn’t be passing boxes of products.

Cluttered floors and displays may turn off shoppers. An enticing store location will make a customer feel welcomed.

Renting a self-storage unit gives you the extra room you need to store your inventory. It also saves you the time and money it takes to hire more employees to keep your store looking neat.

2. Rent Self Storage to Keep Your Inventory Secure

If you have jewelry, electronics, or other items with a high resale value, you might worry about thieves breaking into your storage unit.

Having a rented storage unit with a security gate and a digital keypad can help you rest assured your inventory will be safe.

3. Rent Self Storage to Make Extra Retail Sales

Your inventory is likely valuable to you, but it might not be helpful to the people living in your community. If you want to make sure that someone will use the items in your inventory, you need to rent a storage unit for them.

If there is a storage unit near your retail space, you can rent it to customers and invite them to store their own items. If someone rents a storage unit from you, they might visit your store or even refer others to it.

4. Rent Self Storage in Conjunction With an Online Store

If you have a website, you might find yourself with more inventory than you need in your retail space. If you aren’t making enough sales to justify keeping your products in your retail location, but you don’t want to deal with excess inventory, you might like to offer them online.

If you also sell items online, you need a storage unit close to your retail space. If your self-storage facility is close to your retail location, you can keep a few items on display for customers looking for something specific.

5. Rent Self-Storage to Have a Storage Facility on Hand in Case of a Disaster

If you have a retail space in danger of being flooded or struck by a tornado, you might want to think about renting a storage unit as a backup.

You can keep your inventory safe in case of a natural disaster. Remember to rent a storage unit far enough from your retail space to protect your inventory, but keep it close enough so that you can get to it quickly if needed.

6. Rent Self-Storage to Store Your Inventory in the Off-Season

If you own a retail business, you might want to rent a storage unit in your off-season. If you sell seasonal products, you don’t want to sell your inventory during the slow season.

Renting a storage unit allows you to keep your inventory in one place so that you can sell it during your busy season. It also reduces the number of items you need to keep in your retail space.

7. Rent Self Storage to Prepare for Peak Seasons

If you have a retail business with seasonal products, you might have a hectic season and have a lot of extra inventory. If you don’t rent a storage unit, you might have trouble finding space for your products.

A storage unit can give you more room to store your items when your retail space isn’t busy.


If you want to save money and organize your retail space, you should consider renting a storage unit. Self-storage facilities provide plenty of storage space in a secure location, not very expensive.

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