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3 Reasons Why Climate-Controlled Storage Units Are Better

There’s no such thing as too much storage space because there’s always a need for it. Thanks to the innovations of modern technology, even an ordinary storage unit was improved in the form of climate-controlled storage.

This article will discuss more about climate-controlled storage units and their benefits. Read on below to get started.

What Are Climate-Controlled Storage Units?

Climate-controlled storage units are units with advanced air conditioning systems. Unlike regular storage units, climate-controlled storage units are capable of maintaining the set temperature levels of your stored items.

At the beginning of the year, the temperature inside climate-controlled storage could be as cold as 20 degrees, but the temperature changes as the days go by. Using previous experiences, goods are better preserved and kept more comfortable. Most climate-controlled storage units are equipped with many sensors that determine how cool, dry, and humid a storage unit needs to be for a particular item.

The Advantages of Climate-Controlled Storage Units

Here are some of the advantages of climate-controlled storage units:

#1 – Proper Ventilation

Because most climate-controlled storage units are equipped with automatic vents, they can provide just the right amount of ventilation that your stored items need. In turn, this could help prevent some moisture-related issues and prevent mold from growing. The proper ventilation also protects stored items from getting stagnant and infested.

#2 – Heat Protection

Climate-controlled storage units help in the prevention of heat-related damages to stored items. After all, it’s kind of a given that it gets really hot inside a storage unit in the summer months. With the right amount of air conditioning and ventilation, stored items are still kept at the correct temperature, even during hot summer days.

#3 – The Humidity Doesn’t Cause Rust

Many people think that storing their items in climate-controlled storage is expensive, but the truth is that it’s better to spend a bit more rather than spend a lot on repairs. Because most climate-controlled storage units have the perfect humidity level, rusting and corrosion won’t happen to your items.

What Can You Store?

If you’re using a climate-controlled storage unit, here are some of the objects you can store in them:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Food
  • Medical Supplies
  • Pet supplies
  • Clothing
  • Upholstery
  • Collectibles

If climate-controlled storage units are not available, using a dehumidifier while storing items is still a good alternative.

Finding the Best Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

When choosing a storage unit for your things, you need to consider many factors. However, not all of these factors may change depending on your area’s climate. Some of these factors include:

Security Measures

Climate-controlled storage units have security measures that prevent people from accessing or even getting out with them. As such, it’s best to find a storage unit with built-in security measures.


Compared to other units, climate-controlled storage units can be a bit pricier. However, it’s better to pay for more than the cheapest storage unit because these types of facilities provide more security and comfort to your stored items. Also, the more you pay for it, the more perks you will get.

Climate Control Features

Climate-controlled storage units are popular for a reason. They can maintain a certain temperature level suitable for your stored items. It’s best to find a climate-controlled storage unit with multiple sensors and automated temperature controls.


Climate-controlled storage units are a good investment, especially if you’re storing essential items. However, it’s best to know what you need in a storage unit before you can find the best one for your needs. As long as you use one properly, you’ll have little to no problems when using it.

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