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3 Simple Tips on How to Keep Crafts and Photos in Storage

Photos and other gift crafts remind us of our most pleasant memories. This reality should compel us to store them correctly even more.

On the other hand, most people take photos for granted that they will make no effort to store their images properly. They’d simply keep the stuff in dusty attics, filthy storage facilities or even accidentally throw them out in dumpsters. 

To preserve the quality of your photos, here are a few things you can do. 

Categorize Your Photos and Crafts

The first step before storing your images is to identify and organize them. Sort your photos into categories as per your preference, such as photo genre, age, size, or importance. The shift will be considerably more manageable as a result. You can plan how you’ll pack and store your collection after you’ve organized it.

Decide a Photo Packing Method

After you’ve organized your photos into categories, think about how you’ll pack them. Here are some of the most common packing methods for photos.

1. File Folders and Envelopes

Individual photos or photo sets should be packaged in envelopes or folders. Finally, all envelopes can be put together in a filing box or an accordion folder.

Separate the photos within the folder with acid-free tissue or paper.

2. Picture Frame Boxes

For photos that are currently in a large picture frame, you can place them in a picture box. To keep the glass from shattering, make a large X with tape on it.

3. Stacking

If you don’t want to keep your photographs in an album or separate container, you can stack them in a picture box with a layer of acid-free paper or tissue paper between each one. Stacking is a simple and effective method for organizing and storing many loose photographs.

4. Photo Albums

If you’re going to store images in an album, choose an “archival” album with acid-free sleeves. Remove any photographs from “peel-and-stick” photo albums and seek an alternative method of archiving them. Chemical adhesives are routinely utilized in these photo books, which can degrade the quality of the images over time.

Keep Any Light Exposure Away From Photos

Photos that have been exposed to light for a long time will begin to fade over time. Any light sources should not be allowed to enter your storage containers. Boxes should be tightly closed, and the side carrying handles should be blocked.


When looking for a storage unit, avoid anything that is not climate-controlled! Crafts made with adhesives must be preserved in a climate-controlled setting. Extreme heat, humidity, and dust all can harm images, which is why it is vital to have self-climate storage space.

Following these recommendations will help maintain the excellent state of any crafts or photographs you need to store. Consider a Space Savers facility near you if you require a storage unit.

Check out our selection of space-saving self-storage in Birmingham, AL if you’re ready to start renting a storage space for your photos and crafts. At Space Savers, we have temperature- and humidity-controlled facilities, so you can rest assured that your valuables are safe all year round. Make your reservation today!

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