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Storing Vinyl Records in a Storage Unit: What to Know

Are you thinking of storing your vinyl records in a unit? For new and old music fans alike, nothing inspires more passion than the sight and sound of vinyl records spinning on a turntable. However, storing your vast collection of wax LPs in a storage unit can also inspire immense frustration, both when it’s time to unpack them and when you want to play them again. So, how do you store them properly in a storage unit

Store Them the Right Way

How you store your vinyl records is important to ensure they don’t warp. That’s why you need to store them vertically in a box. Stacking them horizontally may cause the ones on the bottom to cave in from the weight. As a result, you may not be able to play them anymore because they’re no longer straight. 

On the other hand, storing them vertically will keep the liners on the records and have the open end of the liner toward the sleeve inside. 

Consider packing them tightly enough so they don’t shift. Fill in some dry packing paper inside the box to fill in any gaps in the box. That way, no record will lean sideways!

Find a Durable Storage Container

Next, the durability of your storage containers play a crucial role. It’s essential you have a stable container you can seal to prevent air leaks that will protect the records from damage. A good choice is a cardboard moving box that fits the dimensions of your vinyl records. 

You can also use plastic bins, but you will need packing paper to fit everything to prevent the records from shifting or falling sideways. 

Additionally, the container you choose must have square corners to prevent warping. All containers must be sealed with a packing tape or lid to prevent moisture and other elements from entering. You can also add a silica desiccant packet inside to control the excess moisture. 

Clean Them Before You Store Them

Cleaning your records before you store them is important. Keep in mind that dust can damage the grooves in the records. Therefore, use a record brush to wipe away dust from the covers and liners. However, don’t use cloth or rag when doing this as it may leave lint on the records. When this happens, this may result in scratch damage. Instead, use a microfiber cloth and a record cleaning solution. Wipe your records in a circular motion. 

Don’t Stack the Boxes Too Much

When it’s time to store them, make sure you limit your box stacking. It’s recommended you put the boxes on top of a wood pallet so they don’t touch the pallet floor. Doing so will help prevent moisture. 

Stack only four boxes, and don’t go beyond that. Vinyl records are heavy, which may cause the bottom box to get crushed if you stack too many boxes on top of each other. 

Take Care of Those Vinyl Records in Storage

So many people want to store their records in a storage unit because it allows them to save a lot of money compared with other music storage methods. More importantly, keeping your vinyl records in a storage unit ensures that your precious collection are protected against the elements.

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