The 7 Best Motorcycle Storage Tips When Using a Storage Unit

When the weather starts to get cooler, it’s time to start thinking about motorcycle storage alternatives for the winter. Due to the fact that your motorcycle is a very expensive asset, it is essential that you store it properly throughout the winter months.

Keeping a Motorcycle Safely Stored in a Storage Unit

Storage facilities, as opposed to garages, are totally sealed to keep your motorcycle protected from all of the elements. Because of a constantly opening and shutting garage door, your motorcycle will most likely be more exposed to the weather and vermin, even when in storage.

In addition, your motorcycle may be more vulnerable to being damaged or banged in a garage than it would be in a storage container. This is why it’s much better to keep your motorcycle in a storage unit.

In this article, we’ll share seven storage tips to utilize your storage unit for your motorcycle properly.

1. Choose the Facility and Storage Unit Size

When searching for a trustworthy storage facility, you’ll want to be sure that you’re dealing with professionals. Examine their customer ratings, the number of locations they have, and the facilities they provide.  Additionally, keep an eye out for their security precautions, such as gated entrance, video surveillance, keypad access, and individually alarmed apartments, among other things. You’ll also want to be certain that they have climate-controlled storage space. This ensures that temperature and humidity remain stable throughout the year inside the unit.

In most cases, a 5’10’ storage container will be sufficient for storing a motorcycle comfortably, with additional space for other items such as helmets. A 10’10’, 10’15’, or even bigger storage facility may be necessary if you want to keep more than one motorcycle.

2. Keep Your Motorcycle Clean and Safe

Wash and properly dry your motorcycle before putting it away for the winter season. If your motorcycle has leather seats, a leather dressing should be applied to keep them protected while in storage. 

If you have vinyl seats, you should protect them using a vinyl protectant. Any remaining moisture that you bring in with your motorcycle might lead to the growth of rust, mold, or mildew in your home or business.

3. Remove the Battery from Your Motorcycle

Batteries that have been in storage for an extended period of time are susceptible to failure. Depending on where you reside, your home may be subject to freezing and cracking during periods of severe cold weather.

4. Remove Risks for Corrosion

Parts of your motorcycle become subject to corrosion and oxidation if you do not replenish its fluids consistently. Additionally, antifreeze should also be topped up if winter is coming up. Remember to Lubricate the cables that control the throttle, kickstand, shifter, and clutch.

5. Gas Up Your Motorcycle

A gas tank that is either empty or very slightly full is more susceptible to condensation, which may lead to corrosion in your gasoline tank. Fill your motorcycle’s tank completely before storing it, and let it run for a few minutes before putting it away.

You’ll also want to include a fuel stabilizer, which will help to keep your gas from becoming corrosive.

6. Fill the Air of Your Tires

Motorcycle tires are similarly prone to flat spotting when stored for an extended period of time. Fill the tires to their maximum air pressure before storing your motorcycle.

The pressure in your tires may gradually decrease due to temperature changes while in storage. Remove your motorcycle’s tires or set them on a lift to prevent flat areas.

7. Purchase a High-Quality Motorcycle Cover

A plastic tarp should never be used in place of an authentic cover since it can harm the motorcycle’s paint. The high-quality cover should also be used for protection while your motorcycle is kept outdoors since sunshine may fade the paint and cause the leather to break.


It’s a good idea to invest in a high-quality storage solution. You can rest easy knowing that your motorcycle is in the best possible condition for months or even years, safeguarding it in the correct atmosphere inside a storage unit.

By following these suggestions for putting your motorcycle in a climate-controlled storage facility, you can keep it in great operating order. Space Savers is a cutting-edge storage facility, and our storage facilities are temperature and humidity regulated to keep your possessions safe from the weather all year. Furthermore, all leases are month-to-month, so there is no long-term commitment necessary! If you are looking for space-saving storage units in Birmingham, check out our offers!

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