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Advantages of Self-Storage Space over Portable Storage Space

Some habits are hard to get rid of, and that’s a fact. While many people prefer to indulge in food, drinks, and sports games, there are some who like to spend their time and money collecting a few valuables off the market. Whether it’s designer bags, sneakers, or even high-end electronics, they would gather them all, organize them, and place them on pedestals as conversation starters for their guests.

Now, there may come a time when you lose floor space due to the overabundance of your collections. This may not be a problem if you have a huge property, but such is a luxury that not everyone has. In such a case, you would have to rely on extra storage spaces just to keep all your valuables safe.

If you are an avid collector and experiencing the same problem, you have two options: self-storage space and portable storage space. While the latter may seem to provide a lot of advantages over the former, the opposite is actually true.

If your mind hasn’t been made up yet, you’re in luck. We have listed a couple of notable advantages of self-storage space over portable ones.

1. Self-Storage Space Is More Affordable

You will never have to worry about spending too much just on your storage space. Self-storage spaces are worth less than portable storage spaces. That’s because the latter can be delivered right at your door. It is for this very reason they require a higher fee, as it needs to be transferred to your location so that you can place your valuables in them and either send them back to the main inventory warehouse or rent them out to be placed within your property.

Do not buy into the mobile nature of portable storage spaces and instead go for the more affordable choice.

2. Self-Storage Space Is More Secure

Unlike portable storage spaces, self-storage spaces are located within a single area where all their client’s valuables are locked up in different individual storages. You will never have to worry about lost or stolen items, as you may safely store them within your rented space, lock them up, and come back with everything still intact, even after a long time.

You may even take advantage of this to store most of your items before moving to a new home. You may then come back to retrieve all your valuables once you have finally changed locations and settled in.

3. Self-Storage Space Is Hassle-Free

Yes, it may require you to bring along your valuables and store them in a location that may be far from your current home; however, that extra effort is nothing compared to all the hassles that portable storage space may bring. For one, you will never have to contend with the ire of your homeowner’s association, as most communities uphold a strict rule against adding more sections to your home, specifically, large storage pods.

You also need to consider the safety of your items, as leaving them in your portable space may not be a viable option if your neighborhood experiences a regular bout of burglary. Self-storage spaces are at least well-guarded by their attending personnel and state-of-the-art cameras.


Self-storage spaces will always have the edge over portable storage spaces, and that is all for very good reasons. The fact that they are more affordable, more secure, and hassle-free says a lot about their benefits, those of which can’t be found in other storage types. If your collections or valuables at home are ending up in a pile, it may be time to pick out extra storage space.

Do your own research and find the nearest self-storage facility, one that you can trust and rely on.
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