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How Self-Storage Facilities Help These Small Businesses Grow

These days, space-saving storage units remain in demand. In the past year, the world’s situation forced people indoors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, carving out a space for everyone to work or study in their homes, ultimately becoming a priority.

Many people turned to self-storage facilities to keep their prized possessions until the time they would need them. Putting their stuff in units gave them their needed space to live productive lives in quarantine. However, aside from helping individuals declutter, storage facilities also assisted businesses to grow despite the challenging times.

Here are some small businesses that can benefit from having self-storage units.

Online Sellers

In the past few years, there has been an uptick in the number of online sellers. A report from the United States Census reveals that eCommerce retail sales in 2021 have been the highest it’s ever been since 2012.

Operating a purely online business has a lot of advantages. The biggest one is the lower overhead expenses since they don’t need to rent office space nor pay for its utilities. But moving their operations at home means that they need extra space to keep their inventory. Storage facilities can help in this aspect of their business. 

Sellers can choose to leave some of their stock at home for urgent orders. The rest, they can put in a self-storage unit and replenish their at-home stock when the need arises.

Craft Vendors

Craft vendors are online sellers who create the items they sell rather than resell the stocks. They are usually the merchants who turn their hobbies into business opportunities. Even online content creators who offer their work online can be called craft sellers too.

Some crafts, like pottery, need a lot of supplies and bulky equipment that take too much space. In this case, they leave the essentials at their home or studio and put the rest in storage for future use. Artists can even store their paintings in humidity-controlled storage units while waiting for the right buyer for their work.

Hobby Class Facilitators

Hobbies help people relax. But sometimes, people need the guidance of workshop facilitators to reach their full potential.

When neither going outside to venues nor inviting people into their homes were not viable options, hobby class facilitators taught classes via YouTube and other social media platforms. In the meantime, they stored their equipment in self-storage units.

Construction Businesses

Construction firms require storage for their tools and equipment. Larger firms have warehouses dedicated to keeping these items. However, smaller companies and self-employed tradespeople don’t have the luxury of resources.

Smaller construction firms and independent contractors outsource their storage because there are a lot of available facilities that offer secure storage solutions with convenient access. They also find the storage facility’s flexible rental terms advantageous.

Food Enterprises

You are not allowed to keep food and other perishable items in storage units. However, food businesses still benefit from renting one in a storage facility.

Street market vendors and food truck owners use storage units to store non-perishable supplies like forks, spoons, and napkins. While street market vendors keep their portable grills, ovens, and stove in their units, food truck owners only leave their equipment in there when their trucks need a little work.


Space-saving storage units do not only help people get their much-needed space at home, but they also help businesses grow. Storage facilities allow them to function efficiently by storing items that they don’t need right now but might require in the near future.

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