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How to Make Moving in With Your Partner Go More Smoothly

Moving with your partner is a huge milestone in any relationship. But it can be a difficult transition, especially if you’re not ready for this step. To help the move-in go more smoothly, here are some tips you can follow.

Make Sure You’re Really Ready to Move in Together

Of course, before moving in together, you have to make sure you’re both actually ready for this next step in your relationship. Some couples may think they’re ready, but the reality can turn out much different than initially thought.

Before we go on to discuss how one can tell if they’re ready for the next step, it’s important to know that just because you’re not ready doesn’t mean the relationship has to end. On the contrary, it can encourage you to build a stronger and longer relationship with your partner so that one day you can move in together. And remember, moving in together is not the end all be all. You can still have important moments and milestones in your relationship while living apart.

Now, there are many signs that can help you determine whether you’re ready or not. First, you have to ask yourself what your reasons and motivations are for moving in. It has to be a balance of logic and emotions. 

You also have to see where you and your partner stand on the matter. If you hadn’t really had the conversation about your future together, then it might not yet be time to move in together. However, if you have broached the subject, it’s important to discuss it further and cover some of the logistics concerns. If you’re both on the same page, then this is a good sign. 

Give It a Test Run

One way to make the transition smoother is to give it a test run. You don’t have to fully move in with someone yet if you’re still a bit unsure. You can test the waters by living together for a couple of weeks. See how your different lifestyles mesh together. Work out any issues you may encounter and make compromises when needed. 

You may both think that moving in together is the right call, but actually living together can be a lot more than someone initially thought they could handle. If there’s a lot going on in your life currently during the test run, you may realize it is not yet the time for that. This way, you can back out before a lease is signed.

Get Your Things Sorted Out

If you’ve had ample conversations about moving in together and even had a successful test run, the next thing you may need to do is sort out the logistics. Remember, during the test run, you may not have had all your things in one place as you still both had separate residences. But you will soon find out that there may not be enough room for both of your stuff to coexist in your space.

Now, you may move into a larger home, and that can solve the whole storage problem. But in some cases, one would be moving into the other’s current residence. In this scenario, it would be best for both parties to declutter to make more room for the other. 

You should especially pay attention to duplicate items. For example, you may have owned the couch and refrigerator from your old place, but since your partner already owns those stuff, you’ll need to find somewhere else to store yours. 

Instead of throwing them away or selling them, you can keep them in space-saving storage units. This will allow you to have enough space in your new living setup without having to get rid of your stuff. And in case the one in your place breaks, you can easily go into your storage units and get the spare without any additional costs. 

Final Thoughts

Moving in together is a big step for many couples, but it is not without difficulties. Before making any big commitments, you have to make sure you’re both really ready for this next step. Then you can give it a test run and sort out your stuff to make it go more smoothly.

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