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Organization 101: 5 Tips for Renting a Storage Unit

Whether you’re moving into a new home, office, or you just find yourself in need of additional space, renting a storage unit could be an excellent choice for you. Storage units ease the experience of packing for a move and decrease pressure when it comes to keeping your things in good shape. 

Here are few tips to assist you in getting the most of your storage unit rental:

Tip #1: Mind Your Expenses

When finding storage units, consider all the costs, including the hidden fees and not just the month-to-month rate. Many people are after the cheapest arrangement to store their belongings, but in some cases, the cost for transporting your things can include noteworthy expenses for you. In addition, storage unit facilities frequently raise the unit’s rate over time so check to see that you have a fixed rate.

Tip #2: Make the Most of Your Space

Storage units are a bit pricey so pack and store everything you need to keep. When organizing your belongings, plastic containers will allow you to see what’s inside, but cardboard boxes are less costly. Pack everything properly as you would for an actual move. This means utilizing everything from bubble padding and plastic wrap to wrapping paper, packing peanuts, and tape. Ensure to pack fragile things like mirrors, TVs, and delicate furniture or art in sturdy containers as well.

Tip #3: Buy Quality Locks

A few places require you to buy from them or require all occupants to utilize a certain sort of security lock. Others will permit you to use any lock you want as long as it fits the door. Locks vary widely in type, cost, look, and quality of security. It’s your individual choice whether you need to buy one at a low price or lean into a more costly lock for much better protection. Note that a high-security lock is worth the additional expense.

Tip #4: Don’t Store Important Items

You should not store things that you always use and need on a day-to-day basis, most especially important documents. Things like birth certificates, business contracts, and legal documents shouldn’t be kept in a storage unit because they can get damaged or stolen. Moreover, if you need to put them in the storage unit, it is best not to store liquids, or any materials alongside that can deteriorate your things. Some storage facilities do not permit some specific items to be stored in their units, so make sure to do your research before planning your move.

Tip #5: Consider Climate-controlled Units

Some delicate objects require strict climate control to maintain their integrity. For this reason, it’s best to select a company that provides climate-controlled units to protect and preserve your possessions from deteriorating, rusting, or breaking down. The most common objects susceptible to deterioration are documents, clothes, certain appliances, artwork, and wood furniture.


Purchasing or renting a storage unit is a great option when you encounter space issues. They are safe spaces that let you store your belongings without the risk of them being stolen since most storage facilities are safe and secure places. 

Some storage units are a bit costly, which is why it’s important to consider all of these factors before you decide which facility is worth the investment. It is always best to do prior research since you are entrusting your important belongings to one company. 

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