What You Need to Know to Make Climate-Controlled Storage Worth It

When looking for self-storage solutions, you may run into what are called climate-controlled storage solutions. As you might know, these storage solutions have built-in climate-control technologies, allowing the humidity or temperature inside the storage area to be controlled to the exact requirements. That said, the extra costs for these storage solutions may not seem worth it, especially if you aren’t storing for long periods.

In this article, we’re going to share with you a few things you need to know about climate-controlled storage to help you understand whether it is worth it:

1. Know the Benefits

First off, let us talk about what you are getting from investing in climate-controlled storage. The first thing you will get to enjoy when using such a storage solution is the fact that you can control the environment inside the storage area. You can control things like humidity and temperature, two factors that can seriously affect the items you store, especially in the long term. For example, if you want to store leather or wood, having the proper humidity levels ensures that the items won’t deform.

Another benefit you are getting from climate-controlled storage is that there is no worry that your belongings will get damaged, let alone pay for any damaged items. In other words, you gain peace of mind knowing when you come back to get your things, everything is precisely how you left it to be. 

2. Understand What You Are Storing

One thing you need to understand about climate-controlled storage solutions is that your decision will be heavily based on what you are trying to store. Things like plastics do not require climate control simply because they generally will stay fine in any condition. However, if you are storing items like furniture, collectibles, clothes, metal appliances, leather products, electronics, paper, and other environmentally sensitive items, investing in a climate-controlled solution is good. In the long term, if these items are left in harsh conditions, they will deteriorate quickly and significantly.

3. Research the Cost Difference

Now, before you go ahead and invest in a climate-controlled solution because you want to store something that’s sensitive to its surrounding conditions, it pays to know the cost difference between climate-controlled solutions and standard storage solutions.

Though prices will highly be dependent on the location and demand of the facility, you can expect to pay around 20 to 50 percent more in costs for a climate-controlled unit. However, that may only translate to a few extra dollars a month to a few hundred dollars a year. That increase may be worth it, especially if you are storing many sensitive products that are also costly. The trade-off here is that you are protecting the items in the best way possible in a slightly more expensive storage solution. If that is worth it for you, then, by all means, go for a climate-controlled solution.


All in all, if you are planning to store sensitive products in the long term, investing in a climate-controlled storage solution is a great idea. By being able to set the right environment within the storage unit, you can rest easy knowing that the products you are storing will stay in their best conditions for months or even years to come. That being said, take the time to compare different quotes from different storage solutions providers. Prices can differ quite significantly depending on certain factors like location. You will want to pick one that allows you to save as much money as possible while still getting access to a climate-controlled storage solution!

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