Top Tips on How to Store Your Paintings the Right Way

It’s true what they say about artworks; they are an investment. Paintings not only do a fantastic job of breathing life into a room, but they may also turn into excellent heirlooms that can be passed down to the next generation. That is if they are well-maintained and stored correctly.

It doesn’t matter whether you have priceless art that you bought for thousands of dollars at an auction or if you have equally priceless paintings that your children made that you want to preserve. The point is that you need to know how to store your art the right way. Knowing how to keep your paintings properly will go a long way, and it will show when you bring out your art, even years later. 

Top Tips on How to Store Your Paintings the Right Way

If you do not have enough space on your walls to house your paintings, properly storing them is the solution you need. Here are a few tips to help you as you keep your paintings. 

1 – There Is a Correct and Wrong Way to Pack Your Paintings

Before you put your art away in storage, you need to pack them. Oil paintings attract dust and grime. The best way to keep them looking good as new is to put them inside a clean plastic wrap, seal them in styrofoam and place them in boxes. Since most art will deteriorate with human contact, minimizing this will stay in good condition for longer. 

2 – Handle Them with Care

As you transport the paintings to where you will have them stored, you must handle them carefully. Place the paintings vertically in the transport vehicle and make sure to drive with care, taking turns slowly to avoid getting the paintings damaged on the commute. Remember that transporting the art may contribute to up to half of the damage caused to valuable art.

3 – Don’t Stack Your Artwork

When your paintings arrive at the storage facility, you must position them vertically to avoid damage. If you stack them on top of one another, there is a greater chance that the ones at the bottom of the pile may get stretched or ripped.

4 – Avoid Sun Exposure

If you choose a facility with windows, you must store your art as far away as possible from the windows. Sun exposure can take its toll on your art over time. Sunlight can cause irreversible damage to your art, especially if they are placed in long-term storage. 

5 – Use Temperature-Controlled Storage Units

Your best bet is to actively look for a storage facility that has temperature-controlled units. Just like sunlight, extreme heat and cold can do a number on your stored paintings. Keeping your art in a temperature-controlled space will ensure that your paintings will never be exposed to fluctuating humidity and temperatures that will ruin the quality of the paint. 


Following these handy tips will help ensure that your art will stand the test of time. Proper handling of your artwork and finding a suitable storage facility will go a long way in ensuring that your paintings will remain in top condition for longer. 

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