Can I store that?: The Dos and Don’ts

Can I store my grill this winter? What about my outdoor equipment that I don’t need until Spring? We realize you may have questions about what you can and can’t store at our climate controlled self-storage facility in Birmingham, AL on Hwy 280. While this is something that we will discuss in detail once you start renting with us, we want to give you a heads up and answer your questions the best we can. At Space Savers, we provide convenient self storage solutions, but there are obviously boundaries on what we allow at our facility. Some of these decisions are for the safety of your belongings and those of adjacent renters, while other decisions just make sense- like you can’t store a live animal. Here is our list for what you can and can’t store with us.


Naturally, you’re allowed to store personal items, belongings, and furniture. Delicate items such as photographs, newspapers, instruments, and antiques are particularly welcomed and safe to store here since our climate-controlled units can prevent damage and decay. But you might be wondering about some of the items or equipment you need for work. Here’s what IS allowed:

Medical & Pharmaceutical Supplies

Self storage can be a convenient solution for sales representatives for a medical or pharmaceutical supply company. You can keep your products easily accessible and organized and have your car trunk back. Most medical supplies are allowed (as long as they aren’t radioactive). 

Construction and Landscaping Tools

You can store your tools and equipment with Space Savers! Trailers, mowers, building materials and supplies, etc. are acceptable to store with us. There are a few rules that must be followed regarding the gasoline and oil of said equipment, so make sure to check with us first. 


Even though some items may be safe to store at home or at your business, we may not allow them in a closed environment with other people’s belongings at risk. Here’s a quick rundown of the items that are, quite obviously, not allowed to be stored…


Combustible, Flammable, Hazardous, or Toxic Materials

That includes, but is not limited to:

  • gasoline
  • compressed gas
  • propane tanks
  • kerosene
  • lamp & motor oil
  • corrosives like acid
  • fertilizers
  • paint
  • cleaners
  • narcotics
  • fireworks
  • products containing asbestos
  • anything radioactive
  • hazardous, toxic, or biological waste


Perishable Food

Perishable food (including pet food) is not allowed. Perishable items can and will spoil, which can attract unwanted pests and cause foul odors to stink up your unit as well as the whole facility. 


At Space Savers, we don’t allow plant storage either living or dead. Artificial plants and flowers make the cut though. As with the perishable food, plants can attract pests and may already be harbouring pests or diseases that could affect your unit and others. 

Yourself or Your Animals

As silly as it sounds to say, you can’t spend the night in your storage unit. No matter what, animals and people are prohibited from living storage units at any of our Space Savers facilities. It’s illegal, and it puts you and other storage customers at risk.

We hope this helped a little bit! Our rules are for the safety, protection, and well-being of our renters, their belongings, our team, and our facility. Please come to us with any questions you may have about what you need stored. We look forward to helping you store a whole myriad of things at our climate controlled self-storage facility in Birmingham, AL on Hwy 280. Contact us today for more information and to schedule a tour!

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