5 Supplies You MUST Have for Packing and Moving

Obviously, moving boxes could be numbers 1-5 on this list. They’re the most important items you’ll need for a successful packing and moving event. We could talk all day about the best boxes to use for storing certain items in your climate-controlled self-storage unit in Madison, AL, but this is not the blog post for that. This one is dedicated to the other packing and storage supplies! Coming in at Number 1…

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap isn’t just therapeutic to pop; it’s great for protecting your fragile items from damage during a move (which is its intended use of course). Use the bubble wrap to keep glassware, vases, mirrors, and other fragile items steady and secure so they don’t break during the move. Shrinkwrap also helps keep items together so they don’t move around too much while you’re on the road. The combination of shrink wrap and bubble wrap should ensure the safety of your items. 


Packing Paper

Many of us used to use newspapers for packing, but since most of us don’t have extras lying around anymore, packing paper is great for the same purpose. It’s useful for protecting surfaces- of dishes, furniture, and valuables from chips, cracks, and scratches. You can place paper in between dinner plates or wrap items with it. The paper will also protect against dirt and dust when moving tabletops and furniture in and out of the moving truck. 


Furniture Covers

These help protect your couches, recliners, dressers, etc. from debris or dings during the loading and unloading process. You can also leave them on while they’re in your storage unit. However, with a Space Savers climate-controlled unit, you won’t have to worry about damage from moisture, excessive temperatures, or pests. 



This one is almost as obvious as “boxes”, but you’ll need to make a reminder to buy enough at the store so you don’t have to stop the packing process to go get some. You can also use the tape to keep the packing paper on your items during transport and while they’re in storage.



Markers are for labeling your boxes properly. The last thing you want to do is store a box in your self-storage unit then forget what you put in there and have to dig through to find something. Label everything well and make sure you have a good enough marker for the job! Get creative by using colored markers for each room. It’ll help you organize everything better in the storage unit.


How Much Do I Need?

Not sure how many boxes or rolls of tape you will need? You don’t want to run out and have to stop to run to the store, but also don’t want way too many boxes and packaging material that you’ll then have to haul around.   No need to stress! Here’s a helpful (but by no means perfect) guide to give you a better idea based on your household size:


Apartment (or condo):

4 extra-large boxes

4 large boxes

6 medium-sized boxes

6 small boxes

2 rolls of tape

1 large roll of bubble wrap

1 package of packing paper

One-Bedroom Home:

6 extra-large boxes

6 large boxes

8 medium boxes

10 small boxes

4 rolls of tape

1 large roll of bubble wrap

1 package of packing paper

Two-Bedroom Home:

10 extra-large boxes

10 large boxes

12 medium-sized boxes

16 small boxes

6 rolls of tape

2 rolls of bubble wrap

2 packages of packing tape

Three-Bedroom Home:

16 extra-large boxes

16 large boxes

18 medium-sized boxes

20 small boxes

6 rolls of tape

2 rolls of bubble wrap

2 packages of packing paper

We’re Here to Help!

Space Savers Climate Control in Madison, AL offers a wide selection of packing and moving supplies, including the ones we just talked about, like tape, bubble wrap, and boxes, as well as mattress covers and locks for your climate-controlled self-storage unit. We hope you have a great move- whether that’s from your home to our facility, our facility to your home, or anywhere else! If you find yourself in need of a self-storage unit that will protect your belongings from humidity, water, bugs, heat, cold, and other elements, contact us to set up a tour! 

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