5 Tips for Spring Cleaning (Your Home and Storage Unit)

Few things feel as productive as cleaning and organizing and Spring is the perfect time to get a fresh start. That’s why we call it Spring Cleaning! Use this time to clean, declutter, organize, donate, and store your things at home and in your storage unit. Here are some tips to make cleaning and decluttering productive and maybe even fun! 

Make a list for each room

This will help you focus on one room at a time and feel accomplished when your room’s checklist is complete. You may not have time to do every room in one weekend, so this gives you direction as you tackle a little bit at a time. Not only do specific lists help you focus on one room at a time, but also helps you focus. Does this sound familiar, “Ok time to vacuum the boys’ room…oh wait there are clothes on the floor…I need to do laundry…oh the bath towels still need to be put away…wow I really need to scrub down the shower…”? You never got back around to vacuuming the boys’ room. That’s where a list comes in handy! It helps keep you on task and you may find that you’re able to accomplish more faster. 

The big picture can be overwhelming, especially if you have multiple rooms or areas that need to be decluttered and deep cleaned. Focusing on one room at a time is like creating short term goals in order to meet the long-term goal of a clean and organized house. 


Work smarter, not harder

If you’re clearing out furniture and items that need to be stored away (or simply rearranging the room), make sure to move them first before dusting and vacuuming the area, or else you’ll have to clean where they were all over again. Also, dust and clean before vacuuming. Working from the top down will prevent you from having to vacuum multiple times if dust or anything else ends up on the floor in the process.

Let the cleaning solution do the work and work on another task while it’s soaking. When your tub is soaking, go ahead and start on the countertops and sink. These little steps will end up saving you lots of time and effort. 


Set aside the items going to storage

This is the perfect time to figure out which furniture items, clothing, memorabilia, and/or files need to be stored away. As you clean each room, make 3 piles- one for throwing away, one for donating, and one for storage. Throw away things and clothing items that are broken, well-worn, or are missing pieces. Donate gently-used clothing and items that aren’t being used (or worn) by your family, but that someone else could get use out of. Store things that are significant to you but aren’t being used at the moment, or things that you plan on using again in the future, but don’t currently have room for. With a Space Savers climate-controlled storage unit in Vestavia Hills, AL (on Acton Road), you can safely store almost everything without fear of damage from humidity or temperature. So as you’re cleaning out and decluttering, set aside the items, clothing, or furniture you need to put into that self-storage unit.


Play fun music

Pick something fun and upbeat if you like to dance around while you clean. Or maybe you want time to think while you listen to some instrumental music and sift through your closet. Pick music that will motivate you and keep you going, whichever genre that may be for you. If you’re not a huge fan of cleaning and organizing, the right playlist can be a game changer!


Reward yourself

We hope you have that feeling of accomplishment, along with the great feeling that comes with knowing your belongings are safe and sound in your climate-controlled storage unit in Vestavia Hills, AL! Reward yourself for all your hard work! For some, this is a particularly important step if you’re dreading this whole cleaning and organizing thing. Determine your reward before you get started, as a goal or “finish line” to work toward. It can be a bowl of your favorite ice cream, a bubble bath, or buying something new for your home!

Bonus tip: If you already have a climate-controlled unit with us and you’re coming to drop off the stuff you just culled out of your house, it’s a good time to reorganize your unit as well! Get out the items you think you might use soon or that you’ve decided to donate or sell. This not only creates more space, but also keeps your unit organized so you can easily get things out when you need them. 

When you’re finished decluttering and you have items and furniture ready to move into self-storage, contact the Acton Rd. location of Space Savers right here or call us at (205) 236-2850.

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