Self-Storage Answers For Your College Student

Self-Storage Answers for Your College Student

Renting a Space Savers climate-controlled storage unit on Hwy 280 for the summer is an efficient way for college students to store all of their dorm room and apartment belongings. Here are answers to some questions you might have about storing belongings and furniture for your college student. 

Why do college students need storage during breaks from school?

When college students are out of school, they have to be moved out of their dorms (or apartment) which means they need a place for their stuff. If they’re coming back home, you may not have the space for a whole extra room-worth of belongings. Some college students spend their off time traveling or working, so they may need storage near their college campus so they can easily move back in once school starts back. Storage units tend to have the perfect amount of space for dorm room and apartment belongings. Students from local universities like UAB, Birmingham Southern, and surrounding areas will be able to store their belongings on Hwy 280 near campus, instead of hauling their belongings home every summer. This will prevent students from temporarily taking over your garage, and also make their move off campus a better experience.

What size storage unit is ideal for students?

Most storage units are capable of holding at least one room of furniture and belongings. We offer climate-controlled storage unit sizes from 5×5 all the way up to 15×30. While you and your student will likely not need a unit that big, some students living in a two or three-bedroom apartment may need something bigger. The majority of college students can get away with renting a 5×5 or 5×10 storage unit. The 5×5 storage unit can hold several boxes, but not much furniture. A 5×10 storage unit is capable of holding a couch or twin bed, smaller furnishings, and boxes. 

Who will benefit most from renting a storage unit?

Parents, since you won’t have to find space for all their stuff and sacrifice your garage. On a more serious note, students who benefit the most from renting a storage unit during breaks are those that live far from home and/or are studying abroad. A Space Savers climate-controlled unit would be perfect for that scenario.  Not only will renting a summer storage unit near campus make moving back home easier, but it will also save you from wasting countless hours packing and shipping your belongings across the country. 

How much does summer storage for college students cost?

The cost of leasing the Space Savers storage unit  is based on the size of the unit needed. We do month-to-month leasing with no long-term requirement. The price of the storage unit sizes you’re most likely looking for ranges anywhere from $40 a month to $70 a month or more. Remember, these prices are for indoor, climate-controlled, humidity-controlled, highly secure storage units. 

Why a climate-controlled unit? 

Your student may need to store things like a printer, documents, electronics, furniture, sports equipment, instruments, and possibly even appliances. Many of those items could be affected by the summer heat and humidity in a drive-up unit with no climate-control. It’s much safer to protect those items (especially electronics) in a humidity- and climate-controlled environment. 

What advice would you give for storing these belongings?

  1. Make sure your mini fridge has towels underneath so any leftover water is absorbed. Leave its door open to prevent any mildew buildup.
  2. Label everything you can. If you need labels or more boxes, visit our office for supplies.
  3. Plastic bins are easier to stack and move. Under-the-bed containers can be helpful.
  4. Use a cover or other protection for your mattress and box spring when moving them to the storage unit. 
  5. Consider paying for the summer up-front; it’s one less thing to keep up with. 

Space Savers is ready to help you and your college student with climate-controlled storage on Hwy 280. Click here to request a unit or to contact us. 

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