Is Climate-Controlled Storage Really That Much Better?

The short answer is YES. Here’s the long answer!

Our climate-controlled and humidity-controlled self-storage facilities ensure all of your items stay safe for the long-term with no damage because they maintain a consistent temperature and humidity levels.

If you do a web search about storage units, you’ll quickly find lists of what not to put in a storage unit. There’s a lot on those lists, including the obvious ones of food or live animals. But things you should avoid storing in a normal storage unit also includes paintings, antique furniture, photographs, memorabilia, newspapers, antiques, electronics (new or dated), and expensive clothing. Why? One word- damage. 

That’s why Space Savers climate- and humidity-controlled units are so much better. You don’t have to sit down and figure out what can and can’t go in your unit. There are still rules as far as hazardous materials and illegal items of course, but you won’t have to worry about your vast baseball card collection or your antique china cabinet.  


What does the weather have to do with it?

Here in Alabama, we’re no strangers to humidity. In summer, we can see temperatures over 100 degrees. Then, winters can get sub-freezing. Using an outdoor storage unit means you have to be very selective about what you store or you have to carefully and painstakingly pack fragile items to avoid any weather-related damage. 

Here’s what you have to worry about when you don’t use climate-controlled storage: 

Water could seep in and ruin any number of things. Even if the water doesn’t get on your items, water in a unit can cause mold and rust issues over time.

Humidity can warp furniture, memorabilia, paper products, and photos. 

Excessive heat or cold can lead to deterioration, warping, and cracking.


What does climate-controlled really mean?

Our facilities feature insulated walls, double doors and even programmable thermostats for temperature-controlled self-storage. Any items you may need to store that could potentially be harmed by exposure to extreme heat or cold will be kept safe in our storage units. When you choose climate-controlled self-storage with Space Savers, you can store everything safely without fear of damage. Our facilities are also humidity-controlled, which makes them ideal for storing fragile items, books, or anything else that needs the right amount of humidity. 


When you need to store any and/or all of your belongings in a climate-controlled storage unit, fill out the “Contact Us” form at the bottom of our Home page. We have locations all over the state of Alabama, including Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, Madison, Irondale, and Prattville. 


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