The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

The Dos and Don’ts of Self Storage

So you’ve already decided on Space Savers as your climate and humidity controlled self-storage facility. Your secure unit is waiting on you and now it’s time to store your stuff. But you have questions- what’s the best way to store furniture? How do I pack my unit? How do I use the space most effectively? We can answer all these questions in greater detail, but for now, here’s a “crash course” in self-storage.

Self-storage units are great for stowing your belongings during a move, opening up additional space in your home, or getting big, bulky furniture out of the way. So whether you’re storing antique furniture or boxes of clothing, here is a list of “Do’s and Dont’s”:


  • Break down furniture as much as possible before putting it in your unit. Surprisingly, tables, couches, and other large pieces of furniture won’t take up much room if broken down appropriately.
  • Cover furniture, mirrors, and fragile items with moving blankets, old comforters, or other protective material.
  • Label everything- boxes, bags, containers, etc. It will make unpacking easier and less confusing. Plus, it will help you combine miscellaneous items into boxes so that you don’t have random items sitting all around your unit, taking up space.
  • Go through your things and donate items you don’t use or don’t need any more BEFORE moving into your storage unit. This will be more helpful on the front end and will free up more room.
  • Take inventory of everything you put in your storage unit. Your list can be as simple as “table, 2 chairs, 6 boxes, dresser…” or as detailed as a description of what’s in each box.
  • Make the most of vertical space- Put heavier items and boxes lower so that you are able to stack higher if you have a lot to fit into your unit.
  • Consider using the same size and shape boxes or tubs that can stack on top of each other well.


  • Put antique furniture on the ground without placing a tarp or sheet of cardboard under them to keep them in pristine condition.
  • Put things in the back of the unit that you need to access sooner than the rest of your belongings. Leaving some room to walk through your things can be helpful too.
  • Forget to bag and label your screws and other hardware for the furniture you broke down. Keep the bag with its respective furniture.
  • Worry about humidity or temperature damaging your things, because we have climate and humidity controlled units!
  • Stress about the security of your unit. Our storage facilities have secured gates that require a personal password. Plus there is 24 hour video surveillance.
  • Forget moving or packing supplies? We’ve got plenty available for you if you left yours at home.

If you have additional questions or need help, reach us by filling out the contact form on our Home page. 

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